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The First Ever POWER WASHER Exhibition

June 21 — August 16,  2019

Survival Kit Gallery

Cleveland, Ohio

Featuring work by Ray Cross, Chris Dacre, Jeffrey Dell, Duncan Dempster, Melissa Dettloff, Leslie Diuguid, Drink ‘n Print, Amze Emmons, Bill Fick, Tate Foley, Haypeep, Jon Irving, JULMstudios, Amos P Kennedy Jr., Marco Lawrence, Amanda Lee, Pat Lunch, Joseph Lupo, Kate McQuillen, Rebecca Morgan, Sonnenzimmer, Tonja Torgerson, Breanne Trammell, Caroline Walp, & Steve Walters.

Curated by Anna Tararova, Todd Irwin, & Josh Dannin.

Power Washer Zine is a semi-annual silkscreen publication designed and edited by Todd Irwin and Josh Dannin. Featuring artist interviews and essays, high-end humor, and lo-fi graphics, POWER WASHER is jam-packed with information and education for printmakers everywhere.

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